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Elite Pain Interviews: Morrison The Amateur Submissive

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Morrison The Amateur Submissive
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
A warm welcome to Morrison She is a twenty-five year old amateur submissive. She is one of many talents because she has appeared in porn, photo shoots and even participated in a little S&M with her mistress girlfriend. Even with all of this experience, Morrison still no idea of what she is about to get herself into. Max explains that they literally torture their submissive until they are about to pass out or lose consciousness. So after such an explanation, Morrison is asked whether or not she is there for the money or interested in this kind of torture as a life style. She declined to answer until after the casting.

Morrison is suckered into answering whether or not she has sucked one or multiple cocks at one time. She answered "yes" proudly! As she stands completely naked, Max saw her blink quickly at one of the instruments on the table next to her. Demonstrating each other to her, he asked which one she'd like to try first and she wanted to use the single-tail whip. Max wagged the whip in front of her and the nervousness instantly shown on her face. She is never the aggressive one in neither of her relationships with her boyfriend or girlfriend. This is nothing like she imagined it to be. Morrison got herself into a bit of a rut. She talked herself up so much that Max asked for a blowjob as he spanked her with a paddle.

Morrison screamed and carried on like a wild animal, but Max still enjoyed her casting! Spreading her legs like the porn star she aspired to be was a task; however, she passed the test! Admiring his work, Max asked her honest opinion about which areas hurt the worst. Her thighs and pussy lips had stripes on them in a vertical pattern. Max offered her a congratulations and promised to discuss the details of her future involvement with Elite Pain.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Morrison

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