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Elite Pain Interviews: Monique The Law Student

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Monique The Law Student
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Let's all welcome twenty year old Monique to Elite Pain Casting. She has recently started law school at this age because she failed the first entrance exam. Monique is interested in trying this as her new avenue of adventure and has been featured in some pornography before. Those drastic were taken because she needed money and it was not flowing fast enough for her. The producers informed her to be obedient and to answer every question as soon as it was asked. Max decides to give her extra punishments for not asking on time as she was already full warned. Her answer to his question was that she didn't like being butt fucked in porn because it hurt too much and this is why she stopped!

Monique was able to sit down to take off her trousers and boots while still answering questions for Max. If her boyfriend doesn't ask her to lick his penis, she doesn't simply because it is disgusting. A little encouragement from the whip began the test for her. She is about to be tied up for the very first time and have clamps placed on her thighs, pussy and legs. Max is going to make it "dance" because he knows the most sensitive areas and where it'll hurt the most.

Monique is restrained to the cross at this point in time and she receives a variety of torture. Her pussy was tortured so bad that her lips are sitting out and she is very uncomfortable. Hand extended as they get whipped five times and after all is done, Monique finds out her that she passed. She understands now that running from porn from the wrong idea and much easier than this. Max wants her in one of his movies and that's that!

Stars: Monique, Maximilian Lomp

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