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Elite Pain Interviews: Monica Sanders

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Monica Sanders
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Let's welcome Monica Sanders to Elite Pain Casting Call. She is twenty-seven years old and was asked by Maximilian Lomp himself to come to this audition. Painful Duel was the film they shot together the day before and he was very impressed with her performance in this Mood Picture. Monica did such a wonderful job that Max wanted to see in which role she'd play in another film of his. During her spare time, she is a full time baby-sitter! Although she is petrified, Monica still smiles. She happens to enjoy pain and getting humiliated too!

Now the test can begin! Max wraps his cold hands around her breasts and twists them multiple times. He even slaps them like fun bags! Spreading her legs, Monica stands firm as Max plays with her breast once again with a riding crop! Bad memories from the clamps are short lived as she is faced with them on both her tits and two fingers shoved in her mouth to suck as well. Almost wetting herself, she brings her bottom forward for Max to check out her pussy. In an effort to try and hit her clit, Max hits his own hand and says he can just imagine how much her pussy hurts because of his hand. Her determination has not been broken as Max uses her fear from the last casting against her. Her fear is needles and he decides to use them on her nipples and pussy. Monica is hanging in there!

Monica Sanders is the model citizen. She withstood all of Max's tricks up his sleeve and is one tough cookie. He even lets her pick a punishment for herself and she picked the paddle, but not on her breasts because she doesn't want to get blood on them. A bit more smacking was left and she had passed the test. Although she didn't like the stock whip, the whip and the needle; she was very pleased with Max's offer of being in another film!

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Monica Sanders

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