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Elite Pain Interviews: Mona The Aerobic Gymnast

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Mona The Aerobic Gymnast
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Let's give a warm welcome to thirty-three year old Mona. She has come to Elite Pain casting because she has some objectives that require a lot of money. One of her objectives is to buy a flat of her own and with the job she currently has, getting a flat is farfetched! Mona is very confident that being in the next ElitePain film will give her the boost she needs in funds. Little does she know that getting tortured on both upper and lower body is a must? This is not game and neither are the instruments being used. Since she was an aerobic gymnast, it will work in her favor or so she thinks!

With a stupid smirk on her face, Max gets up and snatches it right off as he pinches the mess out of her breasts. Quickly she is easily broken and max continues with his dominating demeanor. As she turns forward, Max notices that Mon has a landing strip on her pussy. He asks has her hair ever been removed from her pussy and her response was not one of his liking. He reminded she get it waxed if her appearance is needed in one of his films. Here comes the whip! Mona doesn't want to be struck too hard, but of course Max always does as he pleases!

Mona made an awful impression on Max, but he still offered her a role if she agreed. She complained about everything and was clueless as to what was going on. Her last task of a cane on her bottom made her quit. She thought the cane would not hurt and she was wrong of course. As she re-dresses, Max advises her to hurry out of the studio and if she want to act in a film, she has to show up to a casting!

Stars: Mona, Maximilian Lomp

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