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Elite Pain Interviews: Meredith Mitchel

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Meredith Mitchel
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Hello. Welcome to Elite Pain casting. This is the place where girls play subordinate roles, get multiple means of corporal punishment, and learn to be obedient. Meredith Mitchel is our next applicant. She has come to us because she needs money to pay for her studies, money is lacking and the holidays are around the corner. She is studying to be a graphic designer. Her preference is rough sex and kick boxing is her hobby.

Different instruments are shown to Meredith and the first to be chosen was the clamp. He lets her demonstrate it on her finger and on different parts of the body, but what she doesn't know it that a riding crop is going to be used to slap them off. Although her nipples are very sensitive, she continues to go for the gold and he reminds her every chance he gets. As Max has Meredith holding on for dear life, he whips the most sensitive part of her body and that is her pussy. Since she was disobedient in his request, she is now tied to the pole. Counting out loud from the single- tail lashings will make or break her!

As Max massages her pussy with the whip, he unties are so generously. For Meredith, it was a very painful experience, but based upon her performance at the casting; they invited her to take part in the shooting of their next film. She didn't like the clamps too much and the whips were awful, but bearable. She is going to think about it or so she says.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Meredith Mitchel

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