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Elite Pain Interviews: Maya The Artist

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Maya The Artist
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Hi, welcome to ElitePain casting. Their aim is to select the ideal actors for their next and future films. Maya is the next young and attractive candidate. She is studying to be an artist at the University of Industrial Arts majoring in textiles as well. Her curiosity has driven her to the casting like many others. Max informs that she can say "stop" at any time, but she must keep in the back of her mind that she will probably not get an invitation to act in their films.

Maya has gotten a little bashful taking off her clothes in her front of Max. The questions he is asking her are becoming a bit uncomfortable and from this he gathers that she is a very disobedient girl. So he has definitely earned the right to teach her discipline. Maya has to hop up and down until Max tells her to sit on the seat behind her. Picking the right instrument is her choice and she decides to pick a rattan cane, which is the most painful one of them all. Leaning forward while sitting out her ass, Maya gets struck with the cane and screams loudly. His favorite instrument is the clamp. He ensembles it to her sensitive nipples and swats them off until her nipples bleed possibly. The multi-tail whip is in order and the body as a whole will get a little bit of everything. The TPS (wide leather belt) is pulled from the instruments and he explains to her that it is used on male prisoners for corporal punishment in Texas. Will she survive?

Maya is a real trooper. Max thought the audition was excellent. He expresses his congratulations because she reached a dead point and got over it quickly! The multi-tail whip was the one she was not very fond of, but she took the torture accordingly. They offered her the chance to act in one of their films because she met the criteria. It is up to her whether or not she wants to take part in it. Will Maya take them up on the offer?

Stars: Maya, Maximilian Lomp

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