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Elite Pain Interviews: Katie The Cosmetician

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Katie The Cosmetician
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Katie is a pretty blonde student who has come to the Elite Pain casting for the money. Max asks her how she is able to endure pain, and she says she can't stand it, but is willing to endure it for the money. She seems a bit shy, but answers Max's personal questions about her sex life with no reservations. In order to see how obedient she can be, Max tells Katie to stand near the chair and put her leg up onto it, and then to spread her pussy apart with her fingers. She does this unquestioningly, followed by an uncomfortable position that exposes her body entirely.

Katie's first taste of pain during the casting comes when Max commands her to bend over a chair to receive her first stroke from a whip. Max doles out three strokes to Katie's bare bottom and she makes not a sound. Next, Max has Katie bend over a table and directs her to count each stroke of the cane aloud. There are already red marks on her bottom from the whip and Max adds to these with three painful cane strokes. Katie stays perfectly still and again makes no sound. Max is very pleased with her performance and congratulates her on a successful test.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Katie

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