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Elite Pain Interviews: Andromeda The Chubby Manager

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Andromeda The Chubby Manager
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Andromeda is a beautiful chubby blonde who strips down during an interview with Max in this Elite Pain Interview casting session. She needs extra money, so she agrees to be completely submissive for this film. He shows off his brutal instruments, and Andromeda’s face gets pale with fear. First, she is subjected to breast and nipple torture with clamps and a flogger on her tender titty flesh. She screams as he rips the clamps off and twists her nipples. Next, Andromeda sits in a chair as he smacks her with a riding crop and a plastic cane, then whips her pussy with an electric wire. Max spanks her with a paddle, cane, whips and her body is covered with bright red cane and whip marks. Tears well up in her eyes as he gives her one last breast torture, and then Andromeda has completed her session.

Stars: Andromeda, Maximilian Lomp

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