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Driving Without A License

Video: Driving Without A License
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Studio: Slippery Cat Studio
Heather is my good friend and a fellow Dom who loves to give spankings. While staying with me she was to follow certain rules. One of them being not to take my car out especially since she does not have a license. She was caught coming in after taking my car out. For disobeying me she was to submit to a bare bottom spanking over my knee with my hand and my leather slipper sole. She has never been spanked before and this was her first time being on the receiving end. I would say she was taught her lesson. By the time I finished she was crying and promising she would never disobey the rules again while staying at my house and especially she would never ever take my car out. First time spanking. This is a medium to hard spanking with hand and slipper.

Stars: Heather, Kelly Payne

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