Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Drastic Measures

Eleanor Powell

Studio: California Star Productions
Starring: Frank and Ronni Dixon
Approximate Running Time: 28.34 minutes

He believes his wife has gone round to her friend Lisa’s house for a girly night in.

He’s taking the opportunity to get on with some work.

When the phone rings he frowns, because it’s an interruption. It’s a colleague of his. His ears soon prick up at the information he is being told.

The phone call is brought to an end with him thanking his friend for putting him straight.

He's Tenderising Her Bottom

His deceitful wife returns home – unaware that he knows the truth regarding where she has been and it was certainly not Lisa’s.

She’s been drinking. So he gives her a good old-fashioned spanking.

The Spanking Continues

Pulling her over his knee he starts spanking her wriggling bottom. He soon changes the colour of her cheeks to a rosy red.

The following evening, he’s absorbed in his work; when the phone rings and he answers it rather abruptly. It’s his wife. She’s been involved in a bit of an accident. The trouble is – it’s his car. She’d used his that morning, as her car wouldn’t start.

On Display

He tells her to come home immediately. He realises that the spanking he gave her the previous evening, had taught her nothing. She was drinking more than was good for her and risking her own and other people’s lives by driving while under the influence.

What follows when she arrives home, is another hard, stinging spanking.

After the spanking, he insists on her promising to get a quote for the cost of the repair to his car.

Hands on her head - a lesson in obedience

Has the second spanking been more successful than the first one?

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