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Studio: California Star Productions
Mistress Erzebet specializes in discipline therapy. Dressed in a tight black skirt, a red top and a black corset she is anxious for her first encounter. It seems that Noile has a recurring nightmare of her childhood when her aunty would punish her severely. It's been ruining her sex life. Erzebet decides to have Noile dress up in a schoolgirl outfit so that they can reenact these memories. She is hand spanked, paddled, and strapped against the desk. Finally, the cane comes out and thrashes her bare bottom red. So delighted is Noile and assured that this therapy is helping her, that she makes another appointment post haste!

Second comes Samara, disheartened at the loss of her lesbian lover. She asks that Erzebet reenact her dominant lover and she is ever so happy to oblige. Soon she too is hand spanked, strapped, paddled and made red by the constant thwack of a riding crop. These two young ladies will be sure to return to this therapist time and again.

Stars: Samara, Noile, Mistress Erzebet

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