Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Double Trouble

Part One – Doctor’s Orders

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Eva Lux as Paige and Devlin O’Neill

Approximate Running Time: 1. 14. 40 minutes

It’s a Sunday morning and Paige wants to go shopping; although what she really wants is her husband’s attention, she’s feeling very neglected. But,  he’s a very popular doctor and has arranged to give a free talk, that he hopes will lead to more patients.

He promises to take her shopping when he gets home later in the day. However, Paige is in no mood to listen to reason. Eventually, he’s so exasperated with her selfish and childish behaviour – he puts her over his knee and so starts the reddening of her bottom. Despite her kicking, struggling and screaming, he easily holds her in place and carries on.

He needs to take her temperature

As her ploy to get his attention is not working – oh yes she has his attention all right, but not the kind she wants. She says she isn’t feeling well. She complains of feeling hot. So very concerned for his sick patient, he slips a thermometer into her rectum – telling her it’s a more accurate measure of her temperature than the thermometer that goes in the mouth.

Not surprisingly, her temperature is normal. So the spanking continues. When her bottom is a deep cherry red, she grudgingly gives in and apologises for her childish behaviour.

He leaves her – promising to get back home as soon as possible.

When he lets himself into the house, it is a little later than he estimated.

Being spanked again in her new dress

The house is silent – when he calls her name there is no answer. Then he finds a note she has written to him. She waited until 1.30 – feeling bored she has taken some money out of his wallet and gone to the casino with her girlfriends.

It’s turned ten o’clock when she arrives home. He’s waiting for her, with a leather paddle close by.

After being very rude to her husband, she finds herself back over his knee. She lies and won’t give him a straight answer. After her bottom cheeks are brought back to the rosy glow they had had that morning, she admits that she took over $1 000 out of his wallet.

She keeps digging an even deeper hole for herself with her lies and deceit. Not only has she spent a load of cash at the casino, she has also had a spending spree with his credit card. She bought clothes, shoes and a matching handbag. And worst of all she bought some drugs and brought them home with her. He could see his successful career as a doctor going down the pan, if it got out that his wife was a drug abuser.

After a long hard spanking, she gives in and apologises to him and promises to behave in future.

Part Two

Teacher’s Pet

Starring: Eva Lux as Paige and Butch Simms as her Tutor

Paige is being tutored for her GCSE exams that are coming up very soon. Despite her parents paying for the lessons, she shows no interest in learning.

She makes it obvious to her long-suffering tutor that she is bored and in order to amuse herself, she allows her skirt to ride up, giving him a good view of her long, shapely legs. When that has no effect, she unbuttons her blouse to reveal her pert little breasts.

He gives her a lecture, but it falls on deaf ears.

Over his knee for a good  spanking

So, he realises that he has to take action and bring her to her senses.

When she finds herself lying over his knee, she struggles and protests loudly. However, he intends to carry through with her spanking to its satisfactory end.

he lashes her with his tongue

The result of the spanking is that they are both turned on and they end up

naked and making love on top of the desk.

she sucks his cock

She tells him he’s a gentleman for making sure she climaxed first, then he cums all over her breasts.

Ride a cock horse

So endeth the lesson for that day.

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