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Domestic Discipline

Video: Domestic Discipline
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Presenting a classic female dominant-male submissive scenario starring the irrepressible Christine Justice as a working wife who finds more than one reason to strictly discipline her lazy, self indulgent, out of work husband (Harley Rowe) through the time honored means of over the knee spanking, hard paddling, merciless razor stropping and stringent birching. In the most severe corporal punishment video we've ever filmed, the sternly relentless domestic discipline and entertainingly trenchant scolding administered by an extraordinarily dominant woman to a typically negligent man will leave you gasping with astonishment yet grinning with approval. And as a special erotic bonus, Christine completes her husband's transformation from disrespectful joker to whimpering baby by forcing him to spread his buttocks and submit to an extremely harsh anal birching! The energy is through the roof in Domestic Discipline.

Stars: Harley Rowe, Christine Justice

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