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Dinner Party Madness

Video: Dinner Party Madness
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
This is one dinner party you won't believe! A couple tries to enjoy a nice romantic dinner for two together, but their table, rather their sex-slave they use as a table keeps misbehaving. After a few spankings their slave steadies herself again for our couple to resume dining, but not before inserting a romantic candle up their slaves ass...for ambience of course.
Still proving troublesome, they decide their sex slave might enjoy a snack, so they give her some French fries, but not in her mouth! Once their guest arrives, it's time for their slave to get her soy milk enema before doing a dance to entertain them all.
Now with their slave out of the picture, things really get interesting. After wrestling their dinner guest to the ground in some steamy all-girl wrestling, she's put in a straight jacket before dessert. She of course being dessert!

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