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Devoutly Sinful 3

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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Two giggly schoolgirls sneak into the residence of the Mother Superior. Kitty, a hot redhead, is the "ringleader" -- and a nympho -- while timid Lexine, a gorgeous brunette, tags along. They discover hidden sex toys, including even a sybian...

A game of "truth or dare" gets out of hand, and leads to wild sex, enemas (incl. a balloon nozzle), peeing, spanking and sybian riding. Later, Kitty manages to infuriate Lexine -- who loses her shyness and gets her revenge with a strap-on dildo used on all 3 holes. Not content with that, she shoves spinach up Kitty's butt, and flushes it out with enemas, using an 18" colonic tube. Yes, spinach!

A SENSUAL and VERY KINKY, 3-part film.

Stars: Kitty, Lexine

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