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Cyber Discipline V

Video: Cyber Discipline V
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
From The Desk of Cecil B.:
This time, while surfing the internet spanking chat rooms, our erstwhile spanker has found another beautiful girl who is more than willing give him a "go at it". As a matter of fact, she just can't wait. And lo and behold, this time it's the sexy and erotic star, who we would all like to meet, Lena Ramon.

After talking to her several times via the chat line, and realizing that she is not just a "player", but a very experienced, beautiful, and intelligent woman, he just can't wait until he can meet with her. This time he picks another posh hotel room, in an effort to impress her. When Lena arrives, she is dressed in a very sexy, oriental silk coat with almost nothing on underneath save a skimpy dress. Oh boy, is he turned on. She drops the coat on the floor and away they go. This time our cyber spanker goes off into cyberspace (that's for you Lena), gives her a good hard hand spanking, followed by the hairbrush, and then a magnificent dose of the strap. And he once again cools her down with some very cold ice cubes.

Our cyber spanker has had another marvelous experience, and so will you, but was it real? You be the judge!

Stars: Lena Ramon

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