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Countess De Jager – Slave Discipline

Video: Countess De Jager - Slave Discipline
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Studio: FemDomFilms
Countess De Jager is a blonde, British bombshell of a mistress. Watch as she puts two of her submissive boys - Maid Felicity and Slave Nicholas - into their place in "Slave Discipline." Her sissy maid boy Felicity has not been performing up to par, so Countess throws him over her knee and whacks his bottom with her bare hand. Slave Nicholas was snooping, so Countess teaches him a lesson, beating his ass with a stick repeatedly. Will these slaves ever learn, or will Countess De Jager have to continue her discipline and training forever...?

Stars: Slave Nicholas, Countess De Jager, Maid Felicity

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