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Church Of Aztar

Video: Church Of Aztar
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Studio: FemaleAuthority
Ms. Katrina Aztar knows a hard spanking is an important part of a male's education and helps prepare him for the vulgar acts of worship a bitch like Kat expects. The Church of Aztar features scenes of discipline and worship. Watch as Kat demands ass worship, arrogantly smoking a cigar and spitting out demands while he obediently sucks and tongues her asshole. Watch as Kat, seated on her throne, demands pussy worship, spitting in his face and flicking ash on him. When her oversize clit stiffens up and sticks out, the bitch makes him suck it like a little cock. Watch Kat spank her male in three powerful scenes showing you why the firm hand of Female Authority always gets a bitch what she wants!

Stars: Kat

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