Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Cherry Red Bottoms-Jasmines4some


Starring: Janine

Approximate Running Time: 42.31 minutes

Janine is in seventh heaven; why? Because, she has many a young girl’s dream of being spanked, sucked and fucked by three randy young men.

The Joy of Being Spanked

Her lovely slim body is put into many positions that she is more than willing to go along with. Just so long as these young bucks give her plenty of spanking, she is a happy bunny.

Let the Fun Begin

Surrounded by rampant cocks, she goes from one dick to another, using her wonderful mouth and tongue to bring pleasure to each one.

At one stage, she has one of the guys spanking her, while she is lying over his knee, unable to speak, because her mouth is stuffed with a stiff cock.

Her Mouth is Full of ...

A shift of position and she is lying on her back. Two throbbing cocks are doing their darndest to get into her mouth at the same time, while the third guy is sucking at her clit.

Sucking a Rampant Cock

The finale is when each of the cocks and their owners squirt their spend over her cherry red bottom.

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