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Chelsea Spanks – Ariel & Krissy

Video: Chelsea Spanks - Ariel & Krissy
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Ariel's Spanking: I'm not sure what's going on lately, but we've been attracting a lot of hard players. Fast on the heels of CS-8, with the incredible Madison and Julie, Ariel X. She's not only beautiful, she's got buns of steel! That not only means their firm, it also means this girl's got spankability.

She took all I had to dish out...every bit! It all started tame enough, with a skirt-dusting over her short skirt. I could see quickly that it was time to move on. So, without further ado, I raised her dress and went to work on her panty-clad fanny. That was short work, too. The woman needed it on the bare behind in order to feel a thing. I yanked down her panties and gave her the best bare bottom, hand spanking I'm capable of.

And, for those of you who know me, you know I'm capable of quite a bit, even with just my hand. She began to color up a bit, but still seemed as though I wasn't quite getting through to her. At that point, I took up my handy-dandy hairbrush. Finally, she began to squirm and squeal.

Ah! Success! Before Ariel's spanking was over, she took it for quite some time with a red, round paddle. I was working to make her behind as red as the paddle. Another hairbrush, actually a thick wooden bath brush, was employed. Then, she took a long wooden, and also rather thick...I don't know what to call it...kind of a larger, thicker version of a yard stick. I think I'll call it my "thwacker".

A customer sent it to me ages ago and no one has ever, ever agreed to allow me to use it on them. Ariel did and did she ever! As if that weren't enough, we finished up with a thick cane. Need I say more. Folks, you simply must get to know Ariel X!

Krissy's Spanking: This luxuriously lovely brunette had her first spanking session with me in this video. Again, I was extremely impressed. For her implements she chose a hairbrush, a strap, a small (but stingy) wooden paddle and my long, thick leather flogger. A brave woman, she knew me not at all, but she draped herself over my knee without flinching.

I spanked her momentarily over her tight, low-cut jeans, her bottom crack enticingly revealed and teasing me to move on quickly. So, I did. I told her to stand up and remove her jeans, which she did most willingly, with a sexy smile, no less. I continued her warm-up spanking with my hand and wouldn't you know, this woman, too, was only slightly fazed by my hardest spank.

I had to move on to the hairbrush and, as expected, I began to get through to her. She was still quite stoic, however, and it wasn't long before I took up my black leather strap. It was at this point that I began to notice her bottom color deepening considerably. She was squealing, too. But, she laughed when I strapped her and I asked her why. She said, when spankings begin to get really intense, it always makes her giggle, at first. Everyone's reaction IS different. The stingy little paddle came next and the grand finale to Krissy's half-hour, uncut introduction to CPE and me was concluded with a firm, snappy flogging. Whew!

Stars: Chelsea, Krissy, Ariel X

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