Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Cecil Spanks Storm

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Stars: Storm and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 32.01 Minutes

Cecil is enjoying watching the stripper as she gyrates her beautiful bottom in time to the music and his right palm itches to turn those smooth dusky orbs – into a deep cherry red.

He puts her over his knee

He is thrilled when she dares him to spank her.

Putting her lithe body over his knee, he begins to spank her – gently at first, his hard palm gradually increasing the severity of the spanks.

He is in no hurry as he takes his time over the warm up spanking,

He further warms up her bottom with a paddle

However, she lies over his knee almost motionless, except for her left leg kicking and she makes not a sound. But, when he has used several implements on her and she is still silent, he needs a response from her so he ups the ante – until eventually when he is using a supple leather tawse on her delectable bottom does she start uttering cries, grunts and moans.

Therefore, he is now satisfied that the spanking is getting through to her and he introduces her to the cane. She protests that it is too hard a couple of times and he adjusts the strokes accordingly.

The birch makes her squirm

Once her bottom is ablaze, he brings the spanking to an end – allowing her to stand up and stand in a corner with her hands on her head and forbidden to rub her sore nates.

The sting of the cane has her pleading for mercy

If this movie has excited you – keep watching, as you will be able to see several trailers for other similar movies from Ohh Tee Kay Studios.


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