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Cause For Caning – An Impromptu Spanking

Video: Cause For Caning - An Impromptu Spanking
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Studio: California Star Productions
Anna & Emma have only been in their flat for a few weeks when they accidentally set fire to their kitchen cabinets. Anna phones the landlord and finds him in quite a mood when she wakes him up. Fearing his wrath, she lies and says that the fire had spread from the flat below. When he arrives to survey the damage and finds out the truth, his mood turns even more foul! Anticipating that the young women weren't telling the truth, he has brought with him a few "painful-looking" implements to use on them to get at the truth. The women are put through a variety of beatings and then made to hold up each other for the final severe canings!

Visiting an art gallery, Tony is intrigued by the attractive proprietress. He is interested in Corporal Punishment and immediately buys up her entire selection of items having to do with that subject. Sensing her personal interest in C.P., he suggests they partake in their own private session!

Stars: Anna, Tony, Emma

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