Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Caught & Spanked

Studio: Raven Hill Studio

Starring: Keith

Approximate Running Time: 42.10 minutes

Three friends – students at a Technical College, realised that by applying to go on a work experience, they could wangle a few days off from their lessons.

So they decide to have a go on a construction site, because being girls, they wouldn’t be expected to do any real work.

Next day they turn up on the construction site wearing bright yellow safety helmets.

Keith the foreman lectures them on the importance of safety and he demonstrates how to use both a drill and a jigsaw correctly.

He lectures them about safety

He then gives them a job to do and leaves them to it. However, the girls are a little bored so they forget about safety and start fooling around with the drill and jigsaw.

He spanks each girl

When Keith returns to check on their progress, he is disgusted to find that despite his instructions, the girls hadn’t listened to a word he said.

He leaves them to decide to accept a spanking or be reported to the college and probably be thrown out.

Rather reluctantly, they agree to the spanking.

He puts each girl in turn over his knee. Her blue jeans are clear of her bottom leaving him easy access to her bared cheeks.

There are a lot of squeals as his hard construction worker’s hand makes contact with her bottom.

Trying out the new paddle they made themselves

With well reddened bums, he hopes they have learned their lesson, being that a construction site is not a place to fool around on.

Next day the third girl to be spanked the day before, is out for revenge.

She tears up their assignment book and breaks some wood. He catches her at it and tells her she is to receive a spanking that she is not likely to forget.

This time he holds back none and steadily turns her slightly pink bottom into a fiery red.

She pleads with him to stop, but he keeps telling her he doesn’t believe she has had enough yet.

Getting the spanking of her life

When eventually he stops, he confesses that the damage the three girls had caused was going to cost him money. So feeling sorry and guilty, she helps him tidy up.

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