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Caught In The Act

Video: Caught In The Act
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Studio: Syren Productions
Little does Bart know that the house he is breaking into belongs to a beautiful sadistic woman. Bart tries prying the door open to no avail, so he tries getting in through the doggy door, where he gets stuck. Mistress Jojo walks in and finds Bart in his ridiculous predicament. Bart tries to tell her he was looking for his kitty, to which Mistress Jojo responds, Oh, I think you found your pussy. Jojo takes Bart`s picture and blackmails him into becoming her full time slave. She makes him clean the kitchen floor with a toothbrush in his mouth and then whips him with a belt while he is doing it. She then takes Bart into the living room, strips nude, and sits on Bart`s face while giving him a good dose of her paddles. Also includes lots of verbal humiliation, foot spanking, breast smothering, foot worship, face slapping, trampling, face sitting, and knees to the stomach.

Stars: Bart, Mistress Jojo

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