Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Carol’s Second Spanking

Studio: Real Spanking Video

Starring: Carol and Ted

Approximate Running Time: 32.23 minutes

Carol had received a very severe spanking the night before; however, the next morning she was due to go home, but instead she asked Ted to give her another hard spanking.

Lying over his knee the spanking begins

He kept asking her if she was sure that was what she wanted and she insisted that it was.

So she drapes herself over his knee and the spanking begins.

At first he gives her a warm up hand spanking that she takes without a murmur. By the time he pulls her knickers down to her knees, revealing a very red and sore looking bottom, she is wriggling about and begging him to stop.

The tears start

He points out that the spanking, especially only hours after the previous one, was her idea.

Such a sore bottom

So he carries on spanking her, turning her already red bottom into an even redder one each time his hand makes contact with her sore bottom.

As the spanking continues, the tears fall fast and she is screaming and pleading with him.

In order to test her, he orders her to thank him after each spank and ask him to spank her again. There is a battle of wills before she gives in and asks for and receives ten more spanks.

A hug and all is forgiven

Eventually, her ordeal is over and he gently rubs a soothing cream all over her sore hot bottom.

He hugs her and she promises to be a good girl in future.

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