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The story so far ……

Carolina has carefully dressed as she is going to see the man she fancies. Unfortunately, she gets soaked due to a sudden downpour, so instead of being a sexy temptress, she is more like a drowned rat. Wearing just her bra and knickers she starts teasing Greg.

He seems to be rising to the challenge.

Now read on ……

As he came purposefully towards her, she backed away from him until she felt the cold metal of a filing cabinet pressing into her back.

‘Come on Carolina, you’ve been a little brat for a long time, now it’s time you learned not to be a tease.’ Catching hold of her wrist, Greg pulled her across the room. Sitting down on the couch he pulled her over his knee.

‘Don’t you dare touch me,’ she said … sending a prayer of thanks up to the spanking gods.

‘You, young lady are not in a position to tell me what I can or can’t do.’ Greg brought his right hand down on her bottom. Raising his arm he brought his hand down again on her left cheek.

‘Owwwww! That bloody hurt, you lousy rotten sod.’

‘Swearing at me Carolina is not one of your best ideas,’ Greg said. ‘And a spanking is meant to hurt.’

She wriggled but he just held her even tighter.

‘This is not a proper spanking Carolina, a proper spanking is on the bare bottom.’ Greg hooked his fingers into the waistband of her knickers and pulled them down to mid thigh.

Carolina reached behind her and attempted to pull them back up again.

‘No you don’t young lady.’ He caught hold of her right arm and held it up her back. ‘This is what all brats should be getting on a regular basis.’ He started spanking her bare bottom … first one cheek then the other.

She increased her wriggling as her bottom started to tingle and feel very warm.

‘Your bottom is definitely looking much better now,’ he gave a grunt of satisfaction. ‘But it’s not nearly red enough.’

‘You lousy rotten swine,’ she squealed while thumping his legs

‘Thump me again brat and I’ll take my belt off to you.’

Carolina thought about this new threat for the whole of a second – then she thumped his leg again.

Greg pulled her up into a sitting position. She watched with wide eyes as he slowly pulled his leather belt from its loops. Her eyes growing bigger as he wrapped the belt around his hand, leaving about twelve inches.

‘Right young lady let’s have you back over my knee, maybe a taste of my belt will improve your behaviour.’ He pulled her back over his knee. Jiggled her about until he was satisfied she was in the right position and raised his right hand and arm……..

The shrill screaming of the shop bell made them both jump.

‘Drat! I should have closed the shop.’ Pulling her up unceremoniously, into a sitting position he handed her a vibrator from the shelf. ‘Here Carolina enjoy yourself,’ he left her and went through to the shop closing the door behind him.

Carolina’s pussy was hot and throbbing, her juices flowing – she was so wet.’ The vibrator slipped inside her easily – she lay back on the couch pushing it in and out going ever deeper ……. into her pussy, her green eyes were closed, she just knew she was going to come … she was so absorbed in what she was doing, she didn’t realise she was no longer alone.

Who is it?

To be continued ……

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