Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time





Eleanor Powell

The story so far ……

Greg the owner of the ‘Sex Boutique’ had been just about to use his belt on her bare bottom – when someone came into the shop. He gave her a vibrator so that she could enjoy herself while he was gone. The spanking she had already received had made her pussy very wet. So she was oblivious to someone coming into the room.

Now read on ……

‘Hello Carolina, this is a nice surprise,’ said this deep masculine voice that she remembered so well. ‘I hear you have been giving Greg here some trouble,’

‘Oh Gareth, what are you doing here? I thought you weren’t going to be available for some time, I was just telling Greg about you.’

‘Sure she was Gareth – I was just having to spank her to get the details from her, but for some reason she seemed to be more interested in talking about the price of fish,’ laughed Greg.

‘Oh yes Greg, that’s our Carolina, she’s a right cheeky little madam, aren’t you Carolina?

‘Not me a I’m a little angel.’

‘Of course you are but even angels need reminding every so often that their halos are slipping. Isn’t that right Greg?’

‘With you all the way mate. Maybe you want to carry on where I left off.’

‘Seems I obviously interrupted something, I take it you were spanking her? So why don’t you start again Greg?’

‘With pleasure Gareth. Why don’t you video it. Would you like that Carolina?’

‘Yes, yes, yes,’ squealed Carolina excitedly. ‘I’ve always wanted to be in a video .’

‘Good girl,’ said Greg approvingly.

‘I’ve got my Camcorder in the car, won’t be a minute,’ Gareth left the shop.

He came back carrying his Camcorder and a Tripod. ‘Greg you better shut up shop now,’ he suggested.

With the shop closed and Gareth’s Camcorder set up, Carolina asked if she could freshen up a bit.

Eventually, all was in place and as Greg said – ‘Let the show begin.’

It was decided that Greg should do the spanking, as Gareth was the expert with the Camcorder.

‘Carolina sit down on the couch, you Greg sit next to her,’ said Gareth. ‘Now Carolina, I want you to do what comes naturally to you, be a brat and you Greg sort her out with a sound spanking. Ok?’

‘It will be a pleasure Gareth,’ said Greg.

‘Oh and Carolina, forget about the camera – just enjoy yourself.’
She felt giddy with excitement, wasn’t this just what she’d been dreaming about for ever.

Greg interrupted her thoughts. ‘Now Carolina get back over my knee,’

‘Shan’t, ‘ she said. ‘You can’t make me.’

Greg gave a big sigh, ‘Seems to me you need some persuasion.’ Getting hold of her left arm – he yanked her over his knee. His left arm encircled her waist, while her short tight skirt had ridden up – revealing her tight little bottom covered by black see through knickers. She wriggled trying to escape as he raised his right arm and brought the palm of his hand down on her right cheek. Raising his arm again, his hard hand landed on her left cheek.

‘Owwwww!’ she shrieked. ‘That bloody hurt,’

‘Swearing Carolina, most unladylike.’

Greg landed another twenty spanks on her upturned bottom cheeks. Despite her wriggling, she couldn’t escape the hot stinging blows.

‘I think those knickers need to come down,’ Greg said. ‘Don’t think you can feel this spanking through them.’ Hooking his fingers into the waistband he pulled them down to her knees.

‘That’s better,’ he sighed. ‘I can see what I’m doing now.’ He continued spanking her.

Carolina through the stinging of the assault on her bottom also felt that old familiar feeling of excitement. Her bottom tingled and felt as if it was on fire. ‘Oh my God!’ she cried out as her wildly kicking legs allowed the floodwaters to open and her juices ran freely.

‘Carolina you naughty little girl, you are soaking my trousers, have you no shame?’

She giggled wriggling her bottom provocatively at him.

‘It seems, you little brat, that my hand is having no effect on you. Maybe my belt will be more effective.’ Greg pulled her into a sitting position and she watched wide-eyed as he pulled his belt from its loops. Wrapping the belt around his hand – leaving about twelve inches he once again pulled her over his knee.

Carolina had a feeling of satisfaction. She loved the belt and now here she was getting her own way. Was this really happening to her or was she having a lovely dream and would wake up to find herself alone in her bed?

‘I don’t like the belt,’ she protested. And to prove it she soaked his trousers even more.

‘That’s ok Carolina,’ laughed Greg. ‘You’re not supposed to like it. You’re being punished for being a brat.’

‘My bottom’s on fire.’ She renewed her struggles. But the more she wriggled the tighter he held her.

‘You’re making a lot of fuss, your bottom is only slightly pink.’ Greg pulled her up once more into a sitting position. ‘Let’s try something new.’
Greg told her to get over the arm of the couch. ‘Get that bottom of yours up higher.’ And he pushed her head down into the seat of the couch. ‘Now stay there,’ he ordered.

She didn’t usually do as she was told and had no intention of doing so now. She started to stand up, but Greg was across the room in a couple of strides, pushing her back down over the arm of the couch. Another dozen hard stinging slaps landed on her violently wriggling bottom. This time she stayed down. But twisting her head she tried to see what he was up to.

He came back holding something behind his back. Pushing her head back down into the seat of the couch – she felt something soft but slightly stingy land on her bottom and whatever it was wrapped around her hips.

What on earth was it? She thought. It was a new sensation but wow! It was fantastic. ‘What are you using?’ she asked.

‘Have you never had a flogger before Carolina?’ Greg asked.

‘No, but I love it. It … it,’ she had difficulty explaining how it made her feel.

‘It is meant to titillate rather than hurt,’ explained Greg. ‘Now if it’s ok with you Carolina I’ll carry on.’

‘Stop talking about it and get on with it then,’

‘You Carolina have too much to say for yourself.’

He raised his right arm and brought the flogger down on her bottom.
She couldn’t understand why there seemed to be a pause between each stroke. So she twisted her head to watch what he was doing. He was straightening out the fronds of the flogger and twisting them before he aimed another blow at her bottom.

After a few more strokes she was wriggling about again – but now it was because she was getting so aroused, she was moaning softly.

Suddenly Greg stopped hitting her and instead he gently nudged her legs open and let the fronds of the flogger trail between her legs.

‘You’re turning me on,’ she hissed.

‘Shall I stop then?’ Greg asked.

‘Oh God, no,’ she gasped.

To be continued ……

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