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Eleanor Powell


She tossed the skirt and top onto the growing pile of rejected clothes on her bed. She knew she wanted to look just right for him, sexy yes, but
not cheap. Rummaging through her wardrobe for the umpteenth time –
Ah! now she thought, I’d forgotten I had this. She stepped into the dress
and fastened the buttons down the front and looked at her reflection in the
full-length mirror – yes that’s it, she told herself. The green dress
matched her eyes perfectly, contrasting so beautifully with her auburn
hair. She was showing some cleavage, enough to be a teaser but not too

It was a bright sunny day as she set off to go to town. It wasn’t far so the walk would do her good. She was gratified to hear a low wolf whistle as she passed a building site. Knowing she looked good – a smile lit up her face. Normally she would have been flattered at this male attention – she might even have stopped to flirt, but now she had her mind on only one thing – she was a woman with a mission.

She looked up at the darkening sky, grey clouds had replaced the white fluffy ones of only a moment ago. A large raindrop landed on her nose, then another and another. Not now please, she pleaded with the gods of the weather. Unable to see any shelter she had no choice but to keep going – hoping that this was just a passing shower.

People were hurrying by crouching under their umbrellas paying no attention to the small auburn haired young woman, looking wet and bedraggled as she entered ‘The Sex Boutique.’

I must look a right mess, she thought. After all the trouble I took getting dressed. I did so want to look my best.

The shop was empty except for a gorgeous hunk standing behind the counter. Carolina got the familiar butterflies in her tummy at the sight of him. Oh how she wished he’d put her over his knee and give her a long sensuous spanking. Just the thought of it made her bottom tingle and her pussy juice up.

But geez there’s not much chance of that now, she thought. Why did it have to rain and spoil my plans?

‘Oh! Hello Carolina, good to see you again,’ said Greg the manager of the shop. ‘Did you go swimming and forget to take your towel?’

‘No,’ she retorted. ‘I went to feed the ducks and fell in.’

‘Now Carolina there’s no need to be sarcastic,’ Greg said, laughing at her obvious discomfiture.

‘We can’t have you dripping all over the shop, now can we? Come in the back and get dried.’ Greg showed her into the room behind the shop.

There was a gas fire. Greg put it on.

Although it was a warm day, Carolina realised she had goose bumps and her teeth were chattering.

Greg disappeared into another room and came back with a huge soft fluffy towel.

‘Come on Carolina take off those wet clothes, we can soon get them dried,’ he said.

‘But what if someone comes in,’ she protested

‘Don’t worry, no one can see you, that’s a good girl,’ Greg said as she stepped out of her dress. He draped it over a chair. ‘It should be dry in about an hour.’

Carolina towel dried her auburn hair and asked Greg for the use of a comb. ‘Don’t want it drying any which way, ‘ she said.

By now Carolina’s mind was spinning. Here was her golden opportunity. She wanted Greg to spank her. Maybe she could turn things around and get what she wanted after all. She smiled mischievously at the thought.

Greg was watching her. ‘Now Carolina that was a cheeky smile just then. What were you thinking?’

‘Nothing,’ and she started wandering around the room – picking up various leather items, examining them and putting them down again. ‘Hey what’s this?’

‘That Carolina is a flogger. Haven’t you seen one before?’

‘What do you do with it?’ she asked, looking wide-eyed and innocent.

‘Shall I show you?’

‘Hmmm maybe or maybe not.’

‘Carolina, little girls who can’t make up their own minds – may find themselves having their minds made up for them.’

‘It takes a man not a mouse.’

‘Now that sounds like a challenge to me,’ said Greg, as he moved towards her.

What is he going to do?

To be continued ……

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