Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time




Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far ……

Carolina is missing her boy friend Paul – he’s working away in South Africa.

She is in Rosebush Park – feeling very turned on she played with herself until she had an orgasm and fell asleep.

She’s awakened by someone turning her over onto her tummy – who is it, what’s happening?

Now read on ……

‘What are you doing?’ she shouted. ‘How dare you,’ she started struggling, but he held her down easily. He didn’t answer her, just grunted.

She felt him lift her dress up her back revealing her bare bottom. He gave a low whistle.

‘You have one lovely bottom,’ he told her, running his right hand over it.

Then putting his left hand in the small of her back, he stopped stroking her bottom, and started spanking her instead, gently at first – first one cheek then the other, his spanks were gradually getting harder, until her bottom felt hot and tingly.

She struggled to get up from this somewhat undignified position she found herself in. ‘Let me go you pervert,’ she screamed.

‘You’re not so squeaky clean yourself’ he answered. ‘Lying here, not caring who saw you playing with yourself.’

He carried on spanking her, igniting a fire in her by now obscenely wriggling bottom. Much to her own surprise she was disappointed when he eventually stopped spanking her

Yet when he stood up she still grabbed the opportunity to try and get to her feet but he was too quick for her. Kneeling next to her again he pushed her back down – giving her already glowing bottom another half dozen hard spanks.

‘You stay right there young lady, I’ve not finished with you yet.’

He stood up again. Carolina twisted her neck around trying to see what he was doing.

She saw him slowly removing his belt from its loops. Something in her tummy did a somersault. She watched in fascination.

He wrapped the belt around his right hand – leaving about twelve inches of trailing leather.

Again kneeling down next to her, he traced the free end of the belt gently across her quivering bottom cheeks.

Oh dear Carolina, she chided herself. You’re letting this brute turn you on. Then he started swinging his right arm. Each time the belt made contact with her writhing bottom it became hotter and her clit began to throb.

It was only when he had made every square inch of her bottom hot and stinging that he stopped spanking her and started caressing it instead. This caused havoc with her dignity as her legs parted of their own accord – oh how she wanted him to slip his finger into her steaming slit.

What’s going to happen now?

To be continued ……

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