Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time




Eleanor Powell

The story so far ……

Carolina was woken from a sexually induced sleep by a stranger rolling her over onto her tummy and spanking her.

He turned her on big time.

And she was disappointed when he stopped spanking her.

What’s he going to do now?

Now read on ……

But instead he stopped fondling her bottom and said, ‘Right come on kneel up.’

She found herself obeying him. She was kneeling so that her arms were supporting her upper body – her hot bottom stuck up in the air.

He carried on stroking her bottom – interspersing the stroking with the occasional spank.

His stroking hands were teasing her – gently stroking the inside of her thighs, almost letting his finger stray into her pussy, but pulling away at the last moment.

She hated him for that.

After teasing her some more he did let his finger make contact with her swollen clit. She could feel herself on the verge of coming to a climax but he stopped and withdrew his sopping wet finger.

She gasped in disappointment.

‘Ok, now I’m going to take you from behind. Any objections?’

‘No oh no,’ she heard herself say. ‘Please fuck me,’

Putting his hands on her hips, he pushed his throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy; Carolina found herself pushing back at his thrust, His already stiffened cock was swelling even more inside her. She gripped onto it, using her muscles – just like she did with Paul, knowing that it drove him wild.

By now her assailant was groaning, digging his fingers into her hips.

They were both panting and gasping. As she felt the waves of a climax causing her whole body to go into spasms of delight, she heard his grunts as he too climaxed.

When she had squeezed every last drop of cum from him, they lay down on the soft ground side by side.

Their reverie was broken by a man’s deep voice.

Who is it?

To be continued ……

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