Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time




Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far ……

Carolina was trying to retrieve her knickers that were caught on a branch of an old tree.

When the branch that she is standing on breaks off and leaves her dangling she prays for help.

Now Read on to Find Out What Happens Next ……

‘Okay, keep very still,’

Is her prayer being answered?

It was a man’s voice; it came, from above her. ‘I want you to let go of the branch with your left hand.’ His voice was so calm; she just knew she could trust him.

He was leaning down towards her. She let go of the branch and a large, sun burned male hand caught hold of her wrist, ‘Ok I’ve got you. Now I want you to be a brave girl and let go of the branch with your other hand. I know it’s scary, but I’m here.’

As if in slow motion she obeyed him. He grabbed hold of her right wrist.

‘Good girl,’ he said.

For a moment she was dangling there, then as if she was weightless, he pulled her up to where he was sitting in a fork of the tree.
‘There’s room for the two of us,’ he said, moving over a bit to make room for her.

Clinging on to him, she burst into tears.
‘Shhh! You’re safe now,’ he cuddled her rocking her gently as if she was a baby, holding her against his brown hairy chest, until her sobbing had subsided. ‘Ok are you ready?’ he asked. ‘ I’m now going to lower you to the ground.’

Slipping a rope over her head, ‘Put it round your waist,’ he told her, when she did, he tightened it.

‘Do you trust me?’ he asked.

‘Yes, why?’

‘Cos I’m going to let the rope out a bit at a time; you will reach the ground safely. Just don’t struggle.’

‘O-okay,’ she said with a tremor in her voice.

‘Good girl,’ he said. ‘Now I want you to lower yourself so that you are holding onto this branch.’

She did as he told her.

‘Now let go,’ he said. ‘I’m here; I’m going to be controlling your descent. I won’t let you fall.’

For a moment she felt like a rag doll, as she swayed there, feeling helpless, with nothing to hold onto. Then very slowly he let out the rope inch by inch until she reached the ground safely.

She watched as he came down the tree agilely. Wow! He’s so dishy, she thought to herself.

She was standing, with her back against the tree trunk. He landed on his feet in front of her.

At six feet four he towered over her five foot. She looked up at him. Feeling his raw masculinity, her heart skipped a beat. She found herself wondering what it would be like to be spanked by him?

‘Thanks for rescuing me,’ she said. ‘I must go now.’

‘Not so fast young lady,’ he said catching hold of her arm. ‘Do you realise the danger you put yourself into by climbing that tree?’

Sounds like she could be in trouble again.

To be continued ……

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