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Eleanor Powell

Carolina felt a trickle of perspiration between her pert breasts. – there was no shelter from the relentless sun.

As she walked through Rosebush Park her thoughts were six thousand miles away in South Africa. Oh Paul, I’m missing you so, she thought.

She reached the clearing – it held so many happy memories for her and Paul, it was their secret, no one else had discovered this private bit of heaven. And there was the tree stump that served as a table when they brought a picnic basket.

The branches of the trees meeting overhead blotted out the July sun, making it a few degrees cooler in the clearing.

Lying down on the soft leafy ground, she closed her eyes, thinking of Paul. She could see him; he was lying next to her – smiling down at her as he propped himself up on one elbow. Now he was kissing her – her eyes, nose, lips, neck while his fingers wandered over her body making her tingle wherever they touched.

His fingers were moving down from her neck, into her bra, seeking her stiffened nipples, rubbing them gently between his thumb and forefinger. Her nipples hardened even more, while between her legs she could feel her pussy throbbing with desire, her juices soaking her black lacy briefs.

And her body was crying out for relief.

As she lay there on her back, knees up, legs parted, her own middle finger was rubbing her clit through her very short dress. Pulling the hem of her dress up to her waist and slipping her hand down the front of her knickers – oh that was better. Her pussy was hot and squelchy

She was so far gone, her knickers were in the way – so she lifted her hips and pulled them down, until the black scrap of nylon was dangling from one ankle – then with a quick kick they were off but she didn’t notice where they went.

Her finger was moving ever faster now, rubbing on her engorged clit.

‘I’m coming, oh god, I’m coming,’ When she did come her whole body was shuddering as the waves of the climax swept over her.

When her body had stopped convulsing, she was relaxed but oh so tired. She drifted off into a sexually induced sleep.

She awoke suddenly, unsure of how long she had been sleeping. Glancing at her wrist – drat! She kept forgetting she’d taken her watch in for repair. Here in the clearing, because it was shaded from the sun, it was always darker, so she could only guess at the time; maybe about 5 in the afternoon, she thought.

But what was it that had woken her? She listened, but there was nothing. I must have imagined it, she thought to herself.

She started to feel randy again and her right hand moved down towards her already throbbing pussy. Vaguely she noticed that her knickers were not where they should have been, but in her excited state she didn’t follow the thought. Another magnificent orgasm left her feeling so exhausted she fell asleep once more.

Carolina was awakened again, but this time she realised she was definitely not alone, somebody was turning her over onto her tummy.

What’s happening?

To be continued ……

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