Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time




Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far ……

Carolina had been spanked by this stranger – then taken from behind, until they both climaxed – now another man’s voice could be heard,

‘Wow! That was fantastic Greg.’

Now who is this second stranger?

Read on to find out ……

A man came out from behind a bush carrying a Camcorder. ‘I got it all on video. So what’s your name sweetheart?’

‘I’m Carolina,’ She struggled to her feet. ‘Who are you?’

‘Pleased to meet you Carolina, he said. ‘Oh! My name is Jed and this here gentleman is Greg.

‘Huh! He’s no gentleman,’ Carolina said.

‘And you’re no lady,’ Greg retorted.

Jed laughed ‘Greg and I own Sexy Spanking Videos. I’ve just videoed everything and we will be selling the video on our website. But if you have any objections to that, I’ll destroy it right here and now Carolina.’

‘Errr, no’, she assured him. ‘I really enjoyed it’

‘That’s great,’ Jed said. ‘Would you do it again?’

‘Oh yes I would,’ she answered without hesitation.

‘Who is this Paul you were calling out to?’

‘My boyfriend.’

‘Has he ever spanked you?’

‘No! never, but he’d better from now on.’ She laughed.

‘Was that the first time you’ve ever been spanked Carolina?’ asked Jed.


‘And it turned you on did it?’

‘God, yes,’

‘ That’s great,’ said Jed. ‘I told you she was a Goer, didn’t I Greg?’

‘You sure did mate,’

Jed rummaged in his camera bag, bringing out a rather crumpled piece of paper. ‘But,’ he said, ‘just to make it really legit would you mind signing this consent form Carolina?’

‘What’s that for?’

‘It’s just to prove that you’re over 18,’ said Jed, ‘and you have given your consent. You are over 18 aren’t you?

She nodded, ‘I’m 19, have you got a pen?’

He handed her a pen. ‘Here sign it where I’ve put the cross.’

Carolina signed the piece of paper and handed it back to him.

‘Oh yes,’ said Jed. ‘Come to think of it, we also need your postal address.’

‘Why do you want that?’ she asked.

Well, we’ll need somewhere to send the cheques. You’re going to be a video star Carolina. And we’ll have to send you a contract for signing.’

She gasped in amazement. ‘Is this a joke?

‘No, Carolina this is for real,’ he promised her. ‘Would you be willing to be in other movies?’

She laughed. ‘You mean I’ll get paid for enjoying myself?’

‘That’s right,’ Greg butted in. ‘It may well be me again, but there are other men who will be doing the spanking.’

‘Sounds like fun,’ she agreed.

‘Right, come on Greg, it’s time we were off.’

‘Okay, mate.’ He got to his feet. ‘Bye Carolina, we’ll meet again soon’

‘Bye,’ she echoed.

She watched the two men as they left her alone in the clearing.

Carolina you’ve had a busy day, she told herself. So feeling drowsy yet again, she lay down and was soon oblivious to the world.

When she woke up – it was getting dark.

Then she remembered Jed and Greg. Had she dreamt what happened? But as she moved – she felt her bottom burning and stinging.

She laughed out loud, running her fingers over her hot, sore bottom. Finding the feeling was a real turn on, she would have continued with her exploration of her newly discovered seat of pleasure, but noticing how dark it was getting, stopped herself. ‘Wow! That was some dream. Wonder if I will hear from them again?’

Come on now; stop daydreaming she told herself. You must get home before it gets really dark and the Park Keeper closes the park. She stood up, smoothing down her dress and running her fingers through her tousled hair.

Now what did I do with my knickers?

What has she done with her knickers?

To be continued ……

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