Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time




Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far ……

She had now met Jed and Greg. They promised to make her into a movie star.

Now left alone she couldn’t find her knickers. What had she done with them?

Now Read on to Find Out ……

She looked around the clearing. A slight gust of wind made the branches of the trees sway a little – it was then she saw them, they were caught on a branch half way up this very old creaking tree – waving about like a pirate’s flag.

Oh fantastic! ‘How on earth am I going to get them down from there?’

A fleeting thought crossed her mind – leave them there, she had a drawer full at home. But she soon dismissed that idea, when a playful wind lifted her short full circular skirt – revealing her hot bare bottom. ‘Geez! That would be so embarrassing if it happened in the street,’ she said out loud.

She realised she would have to do something to get them down.

She studied the situation – okay, there were footholds, plenty of them in the knotted, gnarled trunk of the tree.

Right Carolina, you’ve climbed higher trees than this when you were playing with your three brothers, she told herself.

She started on her upward journey. It was even easier than she thought it would be. It was going to be a piece of cake.

‘You’re doing fine Carolina,’ she encouraged herself. ‘Just don’t look down.’

Now she could see the black nylon scrap of material on a higher branch, just to the left of where she was clinging on to the tree trunk. Carefully she reached out to an overhanging branch. Her hands went to grab her knickers – but a mischievous gust of wind blew them out of her reach. She again reached out for them? The branch on which she was standing creaked loudly.

Then without any further warning – she felt the branch beneath her giving way Reaching out wildly, she managed to grab hold of the one above her. She watched in horror as the branch on which only a moment ago she had been standing – fell to the ground below.

She was now holding onto a branch, her legs threshing about in her panic. She could feel her heart beating in her throat. The ground below seemed like miles away. Then the branch she was hanging on to creaked warningly.

‘Please don’t break; please don’t break,’ she prayed to herself.

‘Oh god, what am I going to do?’ she asked out loud.

‘Okay, keep very still,’

Is her prayer being answered?

To be continued ……

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