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Caning & Cold Showers

Video: Caning & Cold Showers
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Studio: California Star Productions
Before Flight Officer Brenda Fennington can advance to her new position in Department S, she must undergo a series o test. She did quite well in the mental aptitude and physical exertion exam. But the most difficult is still ahead. She must demonstrate her capacity to endure pain. Stripped down to her regulation black panties, gaterbelt and hose, assumes the position. Her obediently awaiting posterior is about to receive a very lengthy and painful thrashing under her commander's limber cane. After her ordeal she is permitted to sooth her welted flesh beneath a cool shower. The final test was the most painful experience of her life. But it was worth it. She passed with flying colors, black and blue.
Mrs. Farrington is a lady of privilege who had constantly conducted herself in a manner unbefitting of her station. Such behavior must be corrected. For this task Victorian families commonly enlist the services of the Hand Matron, a professional disciplinarian, well skilled in the application of corporal punishment. Mrs. Farringtion must bare her lovely tender bottom for the Hand Matron's stern chastisement. This video provides a rare glimpse into the disciplinary practices of a bygone age.

Stars: Laura Welby, Ronald Cane

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