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Caning Casting – Anca Balatescu

Video: Caning Casting - Anca Balatescu
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Studio: Hungary Mother Productions
Anca Balatescu is a lovely 22 year old Romanian girl that was in the porn industry briefly, but wanted to do something else. She heard about this casting from a girlfriend that works for the company and decided to come and try it out for herself. She talks with Betty for a short while before the spanking begins, and explains that she's been spanked in her private life, but never anything brutal. Betty explains that if Anca passes this test, she'll be invited back for a more serious production.

Anca is told to remove her clothing and kneel on the couch. Betty brings out a cane and it only takes one swift strike on Anca's bottom to make her question her decision. After two more strikes with the cane, Anca is squirming uncontrollably, in obvious pain. It takes only two more strikes before Anca begins to cry. Anca is able to withstand a total of thirteen strokes of the cane before she quits. Betty asks Anca if the casting was more difficult than she'd expected and Anca explains that is was much more brutal than she thought and more painful than anything she'd done previously. After she is dressed again, Betty thanks her for coming. It seems clear from this casting that Anca will not be called back to do a longer film.

Stars: Betty, Anca Belatescu

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