Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Caned for Smoking

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Approximate Running Time: 17.41 minutes

She’s in big trouble. Smoking with the gardener is not on.

The choice is hers. Either submit to some corporal punishment or the gardener will be sacked.

Accept a spanking or ...

As she doesn’t want him to lose his job, she goes for the spanking route.

She is told to go to the dormitory and change into her school uniform and come back downstairs.

The spanking begins

Knocking on the door, she waits to be told to enter. Now she is transformed into a schoolgirl. Short red pleated skirt, white blouse and a red tie.

spanked with her knickers still up

He starts off with an otk hand spanking. She is soon wriggling about over his knee, oohhing and aaahing after each spank lands on alternate cheeks. However, her navy blue school knickers are hiding the results of the spanking, so they are unceremoniously pulled down to mid thigh.

some gentle exercise

Her lovely bottom is bright red and looking very sore.

Paddling her bare bottom

She is rather insolent and gives him a lot of backchat. His response to her cheekiness is to humiliate her, while teaching her discipline.

To make sure she understands that obedience is paramount, he also has her doing sit ups and press ups without any argument.

Then as she is bending well over the desk, with her bottom well out and rounded, he uses an assortment of paddles that further redden her already red bottom.

Finally, he uses the cane. Now she really has got something to gasp about.

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