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Caned By The COuncil & Problem Solved

Video: Caned By The COuncil & Problem Solved
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Studio: California Star Productions
In "Caned by the Council" two prostitutes who are regularly caught streetwalking are sent to a special offenders section of the courtroom. Because of prison crowding they have decided that certain offences can be dealt with using corporal punishment.

At great expense they may have a top caning expert who shows no emotion or pity towards her victims. They are advised that surviving a caning by this dominatrix will ensure that no prison term be served. Their bare bottoms soon have a red glow from the hand spanking. However when the cane comes out one of the girl's retreat thinking that prison might not be so bad after all!

And in "Problem Solved" Jadie is unhappy with her housekeeper, who has a bad habit of hiding things away so that she can't find them. She decides to cane her so that a message of added responsibility gets through. Thirty no nonsense cane strokes after a bare bottom spanking has this problem solved.

Stars: Jadie

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