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Bullwhipped By Erzsebet

Video: Bullwhipped By Erzsebet
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Studio: Syren Productions
Mistress Erzsebet returns home from a business trip and finds out that her boyfriend has been hitting on other women at the local bars. She is about to leave him, when he begins begging her to stay, saying he will do anything to not lose her. Erzsebet decides to give him a severe beating, starting out with an over-the-knee hand spanking and paddling. Not satisfied with his attitude, she takes him to the living room for a long hard whipping. She uses an arsenal of singletail and bullwhips on his back and ass, leaving him with visible welts. She then finishes him off with six-foot-long switches that reduce him to tears.

Stars: Zack, Mistress Erzsebet

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