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Studio: (Irene Boss) brings to you the Debut for Domina Caitlin with MIB Productions. Caitlin has the austere and heady nature that a mistress must possess, and what’s more, that sexy Brooklyn Accent! Welcome to "Stud's cleaning service". The arrogant masculine male maid has chosen to take naps in the Guest Mistress Suite at the Compound instead of cleaning the bedding. Domina Irene Boss and Mistress Caitlin from NYC figure it all out quickly. They give him an ultimatum; he must endure a strict no nonsense corporal action at the hands of the two Dominant Domestic Cougars and apologize, or he will be reported to the Better Business Bureau. First he is made to strip.

He talks at the camera and you get to see how he really feels, but the Ladies prevail over the snarky smart ass. They begin with a good old fashioned over the knee tandem bare bottom hand spanking with verbal humiliation. He falls asleep during the spanking, so the Ladies take serious measures against the sassy brat. He is placed face down upon the very bed he soiled in a spread eagle bondage position.

The Ladies break out the paddles, tawses, straps and lexan. The miscreant is moved to the dungeon for corrective clothespin treatment and the Ladies change into sexy corsets of rubber and brocade. Oh yes, the Ladies bat the clothespins off and he is made to pick them all up while he wears a spreader bar. He is then put on the CBT chair for bipolar electric nipple play and electric CBT with a corona stimulator and sparkler. He gives in at the end by proclaiming that all women are naturally dominant, and all men are controlled by their cocks. The Ladies win and Women rule! He thanks the Ladies for his correction. Yah right - some stud!

Stars: Domina Caitlin, Domina Irene Boss, Slave Dave

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