Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Breaking Amy

Studio: Raven Hill Studios

Starring: Amy

 Approximate Running Time: 25.47 minutes


It was comeuppance time for Amy. For some time she had been treating her boyfriend badly, plus lying and swearing at him.

Now he’s had enough.

Tied to the bed


She wiggles and tries to escape

He has tied her to the bed, while he wields a large leather paddle. She twists and turns in an attempt to escape the vicious blows landing on her luscious bottom.

such sweet torture

Despite her screams of pain and promises to be good in future, he’s heard it all before, so carries on with the spanking.

After a while, he introduces another instrument of torture – a vibrator, which he inserts into her sopping wet pussy, meanwhile he uses the leather paddle to gently spank her inner thighs and pussy. Her screams now turn to moans and whimpers.

making sure the vibrator is in place

She finally comes to a noisy orgasm and renews her promise to be good in future.



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