Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Bound to the Wall and Spanked

Approximate Running Time: 23.58 minutes

She has misbehaved and now it’s time for her comeuppance.

Without a word being spoken, he urges her into the punishment room.

In the punishment room

She bends forward over a padded stool and her short ra ra skirt rides up clear of her beautiful shapely bottom. Her skimpy pink briefs are pulled down to her knees.

His hand spanks first one cheek then the other. As the hand spanking continues – her creamy white bottom becomes redder and redder.

In the diaper position

After the obligatory hand spanking he intends to progress to using implements on her already sore bottom.

Trying out several straps and paddles on his own hand, he eventually chooses one he thinks will be most appropriate.

her sore red bottom is fully exposed

Fastening her wrists and ankles to the wall so that she is in the diaper position, her shaved pussy in full view, he uses a leather paddle to really turn her poor bottom to a deep cherry red.

She is crying but he still continues with the punishment. Once he is satisfied that she has been well and truly dealt with – he releases her and gives her a cuddle.

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