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Monica, This jewelry laden five-foot princess has one of those sweet little bodies that simply oozes with sexuality. Monica told us that she had never been spanked and anticipated that the experience might prove "interesting". Heh, heh. Interesting indeed!

For the next twelve minutes this bitches tight little ass cheeks will be made to dance under a steady, burning rain of resounding spanks. Through screams, threats, and finally tears, the relentless stinging rhythm continues unabated. For this, ladies and gentlemen, is one long, long overdue Booty Smacking!

Jennifer, We gotta tell you, this long legged, sultry voiced, dark haired beauty has the most gorgeous ass we've yet encountered! Yeah, the rest of her is pretty sweet too, but when it comes to her hindquarters... mere words can't do it justice. We're talking a perfect 10 in the butt cheek department!

Standing in stark contrast to her splendid physical charms is her demeanor which can be best described as detached and easily (if not perpetually) bored. Our man rises to the challenge by giving this sleepy eyed beauty, with the world class derriére, a world class spanking of simply epic proportions. Jennifer's complete and undivided attention is quickly attained as he methodically whacks her bouncing bare butt cheeks with admirable gusto and, in so doing, takes them on a fascinating journey from one end of the color spectrum to the other.

In due course, our man's tireless efforts cause tears to well up in those sleepy eyes at just about the same moment the first welts begin rising on a by now very, very animated rump. This, ladies and gentlemen, is your cue to sit back, enjoy another sip of your favorite beverage, and make yourself comfortable because...this show is only now just beginning!

Pammy, Lot's of moisture here too, but most of it doesn't come from this golden haired beauty's baby blues, if you get our drift.

Once our man starts smacking Pammy's fair skinned rump she too is quick to let loose with loud screams and plaintive pleas while her alluring butt cheeks jiggle and redden most delightfully under a steady rain of robust slaps. Indeed as our man continues whaling away, this image of intense discomfort is further enhanced by both Pammy's increasingly strident screams and the mottled shades of reds and purples now decorating her squirming bottom. But images can be misleading, as a quick peek between Pammy's kicking legs reveals all too graphically to be the case here. This hot-to-trot slut is as horny as a bitch in heat.

So, now the challenge for our man is to see if he can't fan her privates spanking her bottom all the harder! There are two things we can be certain of right from the get go, finding out will require lots of "work" and that this little experiment will take no small amount of time.

So, ladies and gentlemen, sit back and relax because no one's going anywhere for quite awhile yet. You might want to turn the volume down too as it's going to get pretty damn noisy in the old laboratory.

Stars: Monica, Pammy, Jennifer

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