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Blazing Paddles

Video: Blazing Paddles
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Studio: Vinyl Queen
The time has arrived again and Vinyl Queen is NOT happy. This filing year is going to be a lot different, as she has managed to capture an auditor from the IRS. Vinyl Queen is determined to make him feel as much discomfort as anyone who has ever-dreaded filing out their taxes.

Vinyl Queen doesn't grant him the courtesy of a warm up, far from it! She immediately beings to assault his behind with hard strokes that are loud and strong, while she takes out her bad mood on him! VQ makes sure to remind him why he is suffering and talks about various tax terms.

Vinyl Queen continues her assault and doesn't hold back as she moves from paddles to canes. You'll see her victim's behind redden as the blows continue to rain down! VQ wants him to make her exempt from ever filing taxes again, and she accomplishes this at the conclusion of the video. Vinyl Queen always gets her way and even the IRS is not immune!!

Stars: Vinyl Queen

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