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Studio: British Discipline
Two schoolgirls are sent to detention for smoking, and the headmaster does not like their attitude. He teaches them both a lesson by laying them over his knee and spanking their bottoms with his hand. Then he makes them bend over a chair to receive more beatings on their bum with a leather strap and a bamboo stick. Both schoolgirls leave with bright red and sore cheeks, vowing to never smoke again.

Hannah was told to go to her bedroom and fully bare herself, then wait until it was time for her to be strapped. The waiting was almost as bad as the hard strapping she knew she was going to be given across her bare bottom for her terrible disobedient behavior! All too soon, she found herself fully naked and bent over with her legs ajar and bottom sticking out high in the air. She was then given a hard strapping with some very hard slaps to her bottom. Each time she tried to move and dodge the strap, but the discipline and pain was inevitable.

Next, a blonde teen is awaiting her punishment in a classroom with fear in her eyes. Suddenly, the teacher storms in and pushes her down to bend over the desk. He pulls up her dress and begins a brutal spanking session. She cries out in pain as his hand comes down harder with each whack. Her round bottom is bright red and swollen, but he returns with a leather strap and a cane to finish off the agonizing spanking.

Finally, another blonde teen has been rude to her elders, and is shown the true punishment for disrespect. She offers "I'm sorry" many times, but it is too late, and she must endure a brutal thrashing. She lays on her bed with her panties down and her bare bottom exposed. He bears down a leather strap on her tender flesh until she has finally learned her lesson...and has a bright red bum to show for it!

Stars: Hannah Crawford

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