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Behind Closed Doors 3

Video: Behind Closed Doors 3
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Studio: Red Stripes
Bill and Hilary who we first met in Behind Closed Doors have moved, they are still happily married, and Hilary continues to misbehave. As Bill sets off to work, he reminds Hilary the mechanic is coming to fix the brakes on the car and under no circumstances must she use it. She is persuaded to use the car by her new friend Tippy. They have an accident and Hilary knows what will happen when they get home. Bill says they both deserve to be punished and they both reluctantly agree. Tippy has never been punished before but Bill doesn't take that into account and punishes her as she deserves to be punished. He deals with her alternately and both receive hard spankings. Half way through it Tippy's niece come to witness what is done to naughty girls. Finally both tearful girls are told to lay full length on the sofa with a pillow under their tummies to make their bottoms stick up.

Stars: Bill, Hilary, Tippy

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