Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Behind Closed Doors

Spanking Studio: Red Stripe

Starring: Barbara, Bill and Hilary

Approximate Running Time: 44.51 minutes

Hilary comes home from shopping and is very surprised to find her workaholic husband is already home – and it’s only the middle of the afternoon.

While she was out ‘shopping’ she had been caught shop lifting. And now Bill was about to carry out his threat to give her a really hard well deserved spanking.

He reminds her of a previous spanking he’d given her for the same reason and he demands to know why she did it again. She tells him how lonely she gets – stuck in the house all day – never seeing anybody, and she accuses him of neglecting her. She wants his attention.

Spanking his naughty wife

Now he’s prepared to give her the attention she’s craving for – he explains to her that he’s going to spank her and use various implements including the cane.

But, before he starts the spanking, he phones Mr Carter the shop owner in order to tell him of his plan to spank her. And to add to the humiliation, he insists that she speaks to Mr Carter and confirm that she is about to be soundly spanked.

Therefore, he starts off by giving her a warm up spanking – over his knee. He doesn’t hold back any and soon her bouncing bottom cheeks are turned into a dark very sore looking rosy red.

spanking with the hairbrush

She’s squealing loudly and begs him not to make so much noise. This does not stop Bill who’s determined that this is going to be the second and last time he’s going to have to spank her for shop lifting.

After the hand spanking, he sends her to the bedroom to get the hairbrush. Back over his knee, the hairbrush further reddens her cheeks.

For the paddle, she has to bend down with her hands on the seat of the couch.

Still the spanking continues

Then he very considerately, sends her to stand facing the wall – to contemplate why this is happening to her and to give her a rest.

When the phone rings, it’s Barbara from next door. She’s heard the familiar sound of a spanking taking place and wants to know the details. Barbara wears the trousers in their house. If her husband George steps out of line – he’s the one who gets spanked.

Hilary is at least glad that Bill doesn’t invite Barbara over to watch her humiliation.

For the caning part of the punishment he orders her to bend over the arm of the couch – her bottom well up in the air.

However, despite her squeals of pain – her quivering bottom is extremely sore – he carries on giving her the full number of strokes he promised her.

Having been severely spanked she is now very sorry

Spanking over, he takes her in his arms and gives her a much needed hug.

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