Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Because I Care

Studio: Red Stripes

Approximate Running Time: 47.20 minutes

Eighteen-year-old Lyndsay’s parents – Robert and Karla have received a message from the school, that their daughter has been playing truant several times a week. Also, she has been forging her mother’s signature in order to send sick notes to the school.

Her father is livid, and blames his wife for spoiling their daughter. Therefore, he insists that she spanks their daughter, in order to teach her a lesson.

Mother spanking daughter

So, Lyndsay finds herself lying over her mother’s knee, knickers down to her knees while her bottom is becoming sorer with every spank that lands on it.

However, when the father comes to check on how his wife is doing, she shows him a tattoo that Lyndsay has on her left bottom cheek.

Father spanking mother

This gives him another reason to blame his poor wife for. So he puts her over his knee – insisting that Lyndsay witnesses her mother being spanked by her father.

Father Spanking Daughter

His mood gets darker and darker when he hears that Miss Taylor a teacher at the school encouraged Lyndsay to have the tattoo done. So he takes his wife and daughter to the school to confront the teacher.

Father spanking teacher

He ends up spanking, strapping and caning his wife, daughter and Miss Taylor.

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