Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Bare Bottom Brits – Vol. 1

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Heather Stanton

Approximate Running Time: 41.47 minutes

With this movie, you get two for the price of one.

Heather has been hired to keep his apartment clean. However when he checks on how well she is doing the job, he discovers that the kitchen is filthy – with dirty greasy crockery piled up higgledy-piggledy in the kitchen sink.

The kitchen is a mess

He tells her she’s lazy and a complete waste of the money he pays her. He orders her to clean up and shout when she’s finished, then he’d come and check on her progress. He also makes some threats of what will happen if she doesn’t come up to scratch.

She runs some water into the sink and rattles some cups around, but apart from that, the kitchen is still a shambles when she calls him in.

His hand makes its mark

He is not too happy at the sight that greets him and when she tells him she’s not going to do the work – he takes action and leads her out of the kitchen into the dining room.

She receives a hard stinging spanking on her bare bottom. It is a joy to see her creamy white pert little bottom – changing from pink to red and redder.


In this part of the movie, Heather is sat in the headmaster’s office, while he tells her about the rules and regulations of the school she has just started at.

For the moment she is sitting comfortably

She sits with a sulky look on her face – maybe it’s defiance. So, he decides to bring her down a peg or two. He does this by giving her a pre bad behaviour spanking. As he explains to her, this punishment is a preventative spanking – what she would get if she misbehaves.

He puts her over his knee for a prolonged bare bottom spanking. She wriggles and squeals as his hand makes contact with her tender young bottom.

A spanking in progress

She has to learn not to wriggle about or try to escape his punishing hand and not to put her hand back in an attempt to shield her bottom from the spanks.

He tells her, everything she’s doing is wrong and needs punishment. So he goes on to demonstrate what she would get for each misdemeanour.

After enduring the bare bottom hand spanking, the strap and the cane, she is subdued and is no longer sulky or defiant.

A well spanked bottom

If you enjoy seeing naughty girls getting their comeuppance – you are in for a treat with this movie.

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