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Ask Mike – Volume Two

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Mike

Approximate Running Time: 1.00 hour

In this movie ‘Ask Mike – Volume Two’ he’s goes further into giving a safe and pleasurable spanking.

He starts off by repeating some of which he said and demonstrated in ‘Ask Mike – Volume One,’ but with such good advice, there is no harm in hearing it again.

Spanking Videos - Making the spankee comfortable.

The young lady (who he refers to as his victim) is lying over his knee. She is wearing a red PVC dress. Mike stresses the importance of the warm up spanking – that should always start off on top of the spankee’s clothes.

By the time he does pull up her skirt, her bottom is showing a lovely pinkiness.

Spanking Videos - her cheeks are getting redder

He then goes on to demonstrate the use of various implements – from paddles to riding crops and canes.

The spanker should be able to use these implements – before actually using them on a live spankee. He emphasises the need to learn how to use the cane etc, because in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing – a lot of damage can be done to the poor spankee.

Spanking Videos - Spanking other body parts

This brings up the question – is knowing how to use the cane properly, taught or does the spanker just know how?

Assuming that it is an art that must be taught, the trainee caner should find someone who would be willing to teach – and there are many who would be only too happy. So by watching and asking questions, will the trainee learn how to ensure that the spankee enjoys the experience.

Spanking Videos - enjoy the spanking

The spanker has to make sure that the implement lands on the spankee’s bottom exactly where it was intended to land.

There are parts of the bottom that are out of bounds. So too high, too low and too far to the right and left are no no’s.

When I was training to be a nurse – the way they taught us how to give an injection was … pretending an orange was the patient’s bottom cheek – we traced a + on the orange, then we put the injection into the bottom quarter of the orange. So, think of the spankee’s bottom as an orange – and make sure the spank or cane lands in the bottom quarter of the cheek nearest to the divide between the cheeks and you won’t go far wrong.

Mike also demonstrates how to use the cane and other implements on other parts of the body – see the pleasure he gives to the spankee – that’s not faked.

Enjoy giving the spanking, but more importantly make sure the spankee enjoys it even more.

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